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Yamaha Power Snowblowers YT1332ED

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Yamaha Power Snowblowers YT1332ED


The stylish, new YT1332ED is capable of clearing a path that's 815 mm or 32" wide, throwing snow up to 19 meters or 62' and can move up to 76 tons of snow an hour, without breaking a sweat. This durable workhorse will make quick work of your serious snow removal needs!


Features may include:

Track drive
  • The rubberized track drive system plows through snow conditions that stop other blowers cold. Track drive provides superior traction on steep driveways or laneways and also makes it possible to climb stairs. The tracks are 180 mm (7 in.) wide. Wheeled blowers don't even compare.
4-stroke engine
  • Powered by a new, air-cooled, 2-valve, MZ360, 4-stroke engine, the YT1332ED features a new hemispherical style combustion chamber for improved intake & exhaust efficiency. A new lightweight, short skirt piston travels in a new offset cylinder which reduces friction during the all-important power stroke. Super reliable and fuel efficient, the MZ360 uses a maintenance-free transistor controlled T.C.I. electronic ignition for fast sure starts, while the quiet design muffler will keep neighbours happy.
Electric starting
  • Convenient key operated electric start uses an on board battery. You do not have to find a power outlet and extension cord to power the electric starter.
Dual-stage auger
  • The 815 mm (32") dual-stage auger utilizes a heavy duty serrated steel "blade" to chew through hard packed snow and ice without breaking a sweat. The clearing height is 570 mm (22.4"). A high speed impeller located in the resin lined chute fires snow up to 19 meters or 62 feet. The YT1332ED can move up to 76 tons of snow per hour.
Hydraulic assist auger housing tilt system
  • Hydraulic assist, adjustable auger housing means you can adjust the auger housing height (front of the housing) to suit conditions. You can add "additional" bite into the snow or set it to skim the pavement or raise it in the event of loose gravel or an uneven interlock driveway. The lever activated adjustment is simple and easy to use. NOTE: The more "bite" that is added to the front of the housing increases the pressure and load on the auger, its housing and the surface you are clearing.
Adjustable "skids" & serrated snow scraper
  • The adjustable (and replaceable) auger housing skids allow you to pre-set the auger height to avoid damage to the auger and its housing. The serrated snow scraper helps break up ice and hard packed snow as it enters the auger system.
Hydrostatic transmission
  • The durable, single lever operated, hydrostatic transmission (HST) with sub transmission provides precise speed control. This variable speed transmission allows the unit to clear snow at speeds up to 1.3 km/hr. in forward or 0.9 km/hr. in reverse. When the machine is being moved (not clearing snow) the speeds can be increased to 3.3 km/hr. in forward and 2.3 km/hr. in reverse. Easy access remote HST fluid reservoir makes checking the HST fluid quick and easy.

skid steer style steering & improved manouverability
  • The YT1332ED features skid style steering. This system, via clutches, causes the inside track to lock while the other track continues moving. This revised clutch system allows the YT1332ED to turn easier and improves overall manoeuverability when compared to the previous drive system used on the YT1232.
Electric resin lined chute
  • The electric resin lined chute is controlled by an easy to use joystick and has a turning radius of up to 230°, so you can direct the snow just about anywhere. The resin lining helps to reduce snow build up in the chute.
Snowblowers YT1332ED
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