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2023 Honda CRF450R

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2023 Honda® CRF450R

Features may include:

Engine & Electronics
  • Upgraded performance

The 2023 CRF450R takes performance to the next level, thanks to several upgrades designed to boost low-end torque. The intake port is narrower, the air intake longer, the throttle bore now 44mm (down from the previous generation’s 46 mm) and the valve timing and springs have been updated. Combined, these improvements mean more low end torque and better response, meaning riders can maintain a taller gear, leading to less fatigue for riders.

  • Hydraulic Clutch

Big power requires a strong clutch, and this bike delivers with a smooth-operating hydraulic clutch. Ditching the cable improves consistency, control and feel at the lever. Compared to the cable system of the previous generation CRF450R, the lever pull is 10% lighter, clutch capacity is increased by 27%, an extra plate and spring are added to maximize power transfer and durability and to top it off, clutch slip is reduced by 85% at peak power.

  • Electric Start

Kickstarting? Maybe if you’re riding in the vintage class, but not here. By ditching the kickstarter entirely, our engineers were able to make a light bike even lighter. Electric starters and lithium-ion batteries are so light now and so good that putting them on a bike like this is a win/win combination. And winning is what a CRF450R-series bike is all about.

Chassis & Suspension
  • Updated frame to ride faster with less fatigue

The 2023 CRF450R is focused on being faster with less rider fatigue. They achieved this through updating the frame rigidity and the cilynder head hangers which works seamlesly with the updated suspension to improve traction, stability and bump absorption.

  • Better Muffling, Stronger Body

Durability matters on the track, which is why the muffler is now made of stronger materials to prevent deformity, while its inner pipe has also been modified for better sound muffling this without adding weight or sacrificing performance.

  • Oval Exhaust Ports

As with the CBR1000RR-R Fireblade, the CRF450R's exhaust port is oval rather than round in shape for improved efficiency, and the twin exhaust design of the previous model has been replaced by a single downpipe and muffler, saving a full 1.24 kg (2.7 lb.). The downpipe also tucks in 74 mm closer to the centre line, improving rider ergonomics.

  • Titanium Fuel Tank

Grams and performance count, and to keep the weight down, the fuel tank is constructed of titanium. Light and strong, it’s also thinner than our previous plastic unit, freeing up more space and helping to centralize fuel mass.

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