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Demo w/ only 61 km. Comes w/ full factory warranty (12 months). Accessories include: Headlight cowl and Saddlebag kit.

Torque monster

The new Rebel 1100 uses a modified version of the 1,084 cc, liquid-cooled engine that powers the acclaimed Africa Twin, ensuring arm-pulling acceleration from low speeds and impressive top-end performance. The engine’s parallel-twin configuration and Unicam cylinder head contribute to the bike’s overall low centre of gravity and optimum mass centralization, which help produce stable, road-hugging, confident handling.

Rebel 1100
Sale Type
Engine Size
1,084 cc
130/70-18 180/65-18
1,518 mm (59.8 in.)
Engine Type
Liquid-cooled parallel twin with 270° phased crankshaft
Final Drive
#525 O-ring-sealed chain (16/42T)
Seat Height
699 mm (27.5 in.)
Valve Train
SOHC, Unicam, four valves per cylinder
Standard model: Six-speed manual DCT model: Six-speed Dual Clutch Transmission with three automatic shift modes and a manual mode
Bore & Stroke
92 mm x 81.5 mm
Fuel Capacity
13.6 litres
Fuel Delivery
PGM-FI electronic fuel injection with 46 mm throttle bodies
Compression Ratio
key features

Engine & Drivetrain

Tuned for cruising

To give the Rebel 1100 its unique cruiser personality, valve timing and lift and even ignition timing were modified from Africa Twin spec, while flywheel mass was boosted 20 percent to increase inertia. The 270-degree crankshaft features uneven firing intervals that produce the powerful engine pulses that make riding a big-twin cruiser so much fun.

Riding Modes

The Rebel features three riding modes (Standard, Sport, Rain) plus a User mode. These modes adjust the Power, Engine Braking, Honda Selectable Torque Control (HSTC), Wheelie Control and even the shift pattern on the DCT, allowing you to personalize your ride to your style and the road conditions.

Available DCT transmission

The Rebel 1100 looks like no other cruiser out there, and it’s engineered like no other cruiser, either. Case in point: the available Dual Clutch Transmission (DCT), a first for a cruiser motorcycle. The DCT is an automated manual transmission, built with the same operating principals of a manual transmission but shifts automatically, allowing you to enjoy the ride without having to worry about the clutch or gears. The Rebel offers three automatic modes to tune the shifting to your style of riding. Want more control? Use the paddle shift buttons to override the automatic gear selection or put in manual mode for full control. (The Rebel 1100 is also available in a standard manual 6 speed

Honda Selectable Torque Control (HSTC) and Wheelie Control

Exploring new roads is one of the true joys of motorcycle cruising. Because you can’t always be sure of optimum weather or road conditions, the Rebel 1100 comes equipped with Honda Selectable Torque Control (HSTC), which inhibits rear-wheel slip while cornering or accelerating. When the rear tire loses traction on a slippery road surface, HSTC instantly kicks in and suppresses engine torque. The amount of torque control can be selected in three steps, and the system can also be disabled. The Rebel 1100’s advanced electronics also incorporate a wheelie-control system to inhibit front-wheel lift under acceleration.

 Chassis & Suspension


Classic “piggyback” style twin rear shocks not only look the business, they also ensure consistent damping force for a controlled, comfortable ride over all types of road surfaces. Spring preload adjustment lets you calibrate suspension performance to your personal preference, or to take into account a passenger or the added weight of luggage


Cartridge fork

The Rebel’s 43 mm cartridge-type front fork is coated in a dark titanium oxide that complements the bike’s evocative blacked-out styling.

Stopping power

The Rebel 1100 goes hard, no question, and it also stops with authority thanks to its large-diameter disc brakes. A monoblock radial-mount caliper squeezes a 330 mm floating rotor up front, while a 256 mm rotor provides balanced stopping force at the rear. This model comes standard with ABS.

Go big

A big cruiser demands big tires, and the Rebel 1100 delivers with a fat 130/70-18 front tire and a beefy 180/65-16 rear tire. Both are mounted on Y-shape, five-spoke wheels that provide optimum rigidity and handling.


To ensure long-distance comfort and easy operation of foot controls, the Rebel 1100’s footpegs are positioned mid-bike. There’s even an accessory seat available that pushes the seat pocket forward by 25 mm to allow for better reach to the footpegs and handlebar for riders of shorter stature.

Sporty lean angle

Want to explore some out-of-the-way twisty roads? The Rebel 1100 beats most conventional cruisers with a 35-degree lean angle.

Additional Features


The Rebel 1100’s eye-catching looks are matched by its ear-pleasing exhaust tone. A gentle pulse at low speeds in town turns into a deep and powerful tone as you accelerate to higher speeds.

Cruise control

Standard electronic cruise control gives your throttle hand a break on long highway rides.

LED lighting

All-LED lighting and a multi-function LCD display provide modern touches to a bike with classic good looks.